Hello, my name is Dave Ruhl.

Allow me to introduce myself and why this blog exists. I’m Dave and I am one of the elders at Crossroads Christian Fellowship, a rural church in Western Pennsylvania. I am involved in several Bible study groups, but I am finding out that some in our church cannot come at the time the studies are set up for, due to their scheduling for work, family, etc.

Initially this blog was set up for those who wanted to be in the bible study but are unable to attend. This gives access to the study at a time that is convenient for each person, with the audio study and notes that are available on this site. There is also an opportunity through the site to give feedback.

Additionally, I have some family and friends in other states that can also join in. It is so nice to have family and friends gathered with open Bibles.

Lastly, when published on the web, anyone has the opportunity, from anywhere in the world, to participate. So, let me welcome you and I hope you will join me in the study of God’s Word. Let me know who you are and where home is for you.

Listen to the audio welcome below for even more information about myself and the purpose of this website.